NPV/IRR Professional

NPV/IRR – Interval

NPV/IRR – Time

  1. NPV/IRR – Interval
  2. NPV/IRR Time
  1. Calculate NPV of a series ofcash flows
  2. Calculate IRR of a series of cash flow in APR and in Continuous Compounding (CC)
  3. Flexible cash flow (CF) timinng
  4. Flexible discount rates for NPV. Discount rate is carried over if none specified for a CF.
  5. Accepts CF repetitions.
  6. CF starts at non-zero CF timing, if specified.Other wise, CF for IRR starts at 0 and NPV at 1. CF starts at next number
  1. Specify cash flow start time
  2. Specify date of occurrance of cash flow
  3. Specify cash flow repeat frequency in Month, Quarter, Half-Year, Year.
  4. Save date format – MM/DD/YYYY or DD/MM/YYYY
  5. Rest of NPV/IRR – Interval functionality follow.
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