Use Cases:

  • Live Sports broadcasting
  • Virtual Film Festivals
  • Streaming of cooking shows
  • Streaming of video games
  • Streaming of church services
  • Streaming of conventions
  • Streaming of cultural programs
  • Streaming of Commencement addresses
  • Dance studios to stream performances
  • Monetization of live streaming shows
  • TV Programming


  • Implement AWS Live Streaming Solution
  • Implement AWS Video on Demand Solution
  • Implement DRM solution
  • Implement Ad solution
  • Implement Serverless and WordPress sites to integrate live streaming and video on demand with membership and paywall
  • Create high speed serverless video upload solution
  • Secure sites, live streaming and video on demand links
  • Restrict access to a given number of sessions from the same login
  • Amplify based websites and mobile app
  • Static and Dynamic QR Code with integration of Analytics

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