Mobile Statistics Professor

Key Features:

  1. Analysis of Variance (ANOVA)
  2. Beta Function
  3. Covariance & Correlation
  4. Scientific Calculator (infix)
  5. Effective Size
  6. Error Function
  7. Gamma Function
  8. Probability
    • CDF & PDF – Chi-Square, Fisher F-Distribution, Normal Distribution, Standard Normal Distribution, Student’s t-Distribution
    • p-value and Inverse p-value
  9. Simple and Multiple Regression
  10. Solver (with reverse Polish post-fix calculator)
  11. Summary Statistics
  12. Printing
  13. Upload and Process Data Files

Requirement: Active data connection is required for this application to function properly.


ANOVA – Analysis of Variance – Features:

  1. Intra-class Correlation Calculator for ANOVA
  2. One-Way ANOVA Calculator
    • a. From Summary Data – supply number of subjects, mean and standard deviation
    • b. From Detail Data – supply data within a group and keep adding groups

Beta Function:

  1. Beta Function Calculator
  2. Incomplete Beta Function Calculator
  3. Regularized Incomplete Beta Function Calculator

Covariance & Correlation:

  1. Covariance and Correlation by entering data. Data sets need to appear column wise. When a row is added, the data points for all the groups in the same position are added.
  2. Covariance and Correlation from file
  3. Covariance from correlation
  4. Correlation from covariance
  5. Significance of correlation

Effect Size:

  1. Effect Size – Hierarchical Multiple Regression
  2. Effect Size – Multiple Regression
  3. Effect size Student’s t-Test: Calculates the (two-tailed) effect size for Student’s t-test (Cohen’s d), given the mean and standard deviation for two independent samples of equal size.

Error Function:

  1. Computes the value of the error function (a.k.a the Gauss error function) evaluated at a value of x. The value returned will be the error function evaluated along the integral from zero to x.
  2. Computes value of the complementary error function. Error function evaluated along the integral from x to positive infinity.

Gamma Function:

  1. Gamma Function
  2. Incomplete Gamma Function
  3. Regularized Incomplete Gamma Function


  1. 5 Probability Density Function (PDF) functions
  2. 3 Cumulative Density Function (CDF) functions
    • a. Fisher F-Distribution
    • b. Normal distribution
    • c. Standard Normal Distribution
  3. 9 p-Values + 5 inverse
    • a. Chi-Square test
    • b. Correlation Coefficient
    • c. Fisher F-test & inverse
    • d. Fisher’ Exact Test
    • e. Normal – cumulative, 1 & 2-Tailed & inverse
    • f. Student T-Test & inverse

Simple and Multiple Regression:

  1. Calculates simple and multiple regression
  2. Allows entry of input data from key board


  1. Solves polynomial f(x)
  2. Value of f(x) at c

Summary Statistics:

Calculates the following 10 summary statistics.

  1. min
  2. max
  3. mean
  4. n
  5. sum
  6. sum of squares
  7. standard deviation
  8. variance
  9. 95th percentile
  10. skewness

Upload and Process Data Files:

  1. Upload CSV files for ANOVA, Simple & Multiple Regression and Summary Statistics to be processed by BlackBerry and iOS app. Upload CSV data files to SD card on Android Phone and process the file from the Android App.
  2. Download and process files from BlackBerry and iOS Apps.