Case Study: Server Migration and Application Upgrade

Biker Part Superstore, located in Salt Lake City, runs two e-commerce sites ( and to sell specialty bike parts and accessories.

Business Compass LLC has 25 years of technology experience with a focus on data and analytics strategy and solution architecture. Company has three AWS Certifications: Solutions Architect Associate, Big Data Specialty, and Machine Learning Specialty. Company shares the story of how the company helped Biker Parts Super to migrate to AWS and upgrade its e-commerce stores.

Biker Part Superstore was hosting two e-commerce websites using ZenCart on a CentOS 5.5 Linux Server on another hosting provider. The company wanted to modernize its infrastructure to keep the system ready for future. The company decided to migrate the server to AWS.

After conducting an initial assessment, we found that CloudEndure will be suitable to migrate the server “as is”. We established CloudEndure replication. After completion of replication, we launched server instance on AWS. Newly launched server became unhealthy after initial boot. We engaged AWS Support. With the guidance of AWS Support we found conflict between the OS and instance type. Then, we relaunched the server with correct instance type. The server had IP aliasing. We corrected that issue. After resolution of instance type and IP addresses, the server booted up and health checks reported healthy. We accessed WHM and cPanel to configure the e-commerce sites. The sites were accessible via links.

Biker Part Superstore wanted to further leverage the opportunity to upgrade both the Operating System and Zen Cart version. We assisted with launching new instance, installing WHM, creating cPanel accounts and performing necessary configuration. We migrated mailboxes. We took the sites live upgraded ZenCart on new CentOS OS.

We assisted the company to secure reserved instances to reduce total cost of ownership (TCO). We appreciate the opportunity to work on this server migration and application upgrade project. We look forward to the opportunity to work with Biker Parts Superstore in future.