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Updated: 1 year 19 weeks ago

Trump's Former Interior Chief Ryan Zinke Talks About His Next Act

Thu, 02/07/2019 - 03:43
The former secretary of the Interior’s new future will start in Kosovo and Bermuda.

Why ETFs Will Shine This Tax Season

Mon, 02/04/2019 - 20:40
In this debate between mutual funds and ETFs, it’s not active versus passive; it’s fund structure. Mutual funds pay out capital gains that investors owe tax on—and this year the bill is a whopper. ETF investors avoid this cost.

Pricing Pressure a Hard Pill for Pharma to Swallow

Sun, 02/03/2019 - 00:47
Drugmakers face a broad pushback in Washington, D.C., over prescription prices. But some companies are less vulnerable than others. How investors can play the sector.

Hot Property, Cool Price

Sat, 02/02/2019 - 10:36
Brookfield Property has a world-class portfolio of city towers and malls. So why is it unloved by investors?

Exxon CEO Woods Confident in Guyana Oil Field, Dividends

Sat, 02/02/2019 - 00:20
Woods broke with the oil giant’s tradition of not having a CEO on the earnings call, and analysts and investors welcomed his participation. Fourth-quarter earnings easily beat expectations.

A Mixed Year for Barron's Stock Picks

Tue, 01/29/2019 - 01:37
While our bullish calls trailed the market in 2018, our bearish ones mainly were spot-on

Intel Looks Like a Bargain Among Chip Stocks

Sat, 01/26/2019 - 16:00
A slowdown in global growth, worries over China, and sour guidance on earnings weigh on the stock of the semiconductor maker, but such worries add up to a buying opportunity for patient investors.

In Unloved Dell, Investors Can Find a Silver Lining in Its VMware Stake

Sat, 01/26/2019 - 07:46
The technology conglomerate has $50 billion in debt, but powered by VMware and a group of strong, if mature, businesses, the stock has room to rise

Low-Debt, High-Return Stocks for Your Portfolio

Sat, 01/26/2019 - 07:45
Stocks of companies that have more cash than debt are perfectly positioned for an environment of slowing economic growth and elevated macro risks

'The Original Disrupter.' Jack Bogle Dies at 89

Fri, 01/25/2019 - 01:40
The Vanguard founder’s invention, the S&P 500 index fund, came to dominate the fund industry and its ambitions, and inspired a passion among investors for lower fees, regular savings, and investing for the long haul.

Five Ways to Play a Growing Health Sector

Sat, 01/19/2019 - 11:10
Stocks of companies that make diagnostic health products have had a strong run, and with increased demand and plenty of money for R&D, more gains could be on the way.

Why Gold Mining Stocks Are an Unalloyed Bargain

Sat, 01/19/2019 - 08:48
Both Barrick and Newmont have made big acquisitions and their shares offer an opportunity to profit when the metal regains its luster.

Libor Could Still Haunt Investors

Sat, 01/12/2019 - 11:00
Some $35 trillion of contracts tied to the London interbank offered rate will keep trading after that global interest benchmark is discontinued. How some preferreds could be hurt.

A Penny Pot Stock That Soared and Fell

Sat, 01/12/2019 - 07:04
India Globalization Capital’s promised cannibis treatments have entranced investors—but the details have proved to be elusive.

Airline Stocks Are Pricing In a Downturn. We Disagree.

Sat, 01/12/2019 - 06:34
Airline stocks haven’t participated in the January stock market rally. Weak pricing updates from Delta and American stoked investor fears that a downturn is coming and airline profits will suffer. But is the outlook really that bad, or are airline investors living in the past?

What the Shutdown Means for the Housing Market

Thu, 01/10/2019 - 02:53
The federal shutdown hasn’t had a big impact so far, but that could change if the impasse continues

Tech's Next Act

Wed, 01/09/2019 - 21:54
Reid Hoffman, Hemant Taneja, and others talk tech, startups, and IPOs at our Silicon Valley roundtable. Plus, 12 private companies to watch.

PG&E Stock Is Plunging Amid Bankruptcy Talk. Here's Everything You Need to Know.

Wed, 01/09/2019 - 10:30
Concern that liabilities linked to the California wildfires will force PG&E into bankruptcy has sent the stock sharply lower. Here’s a look at the ins and outs of the complex situation.

A Leaner Navistar Offers a Low Price, a Clean Balance Sheet, and a Possible Suitor

Sat, 01/05/2019 - 06:30
The big truck maker almost crashed after a disastrous engine switch. But new management has cleaned up the mess and now looks ready to roll, recession or not.

These Low P/E Stocks Have Better Days Ahead

Sat, 01/05/2019 - 05:19
Here’s why AT&T, DXC Technology, Morgan Stanley, and Mylan look like good bets